Admin Concentrate

E-Commerce Database admin tool

Admin Concentrate is to Web Developers and Administrators what the spreadsheet was to accountants.

AdminConcentrate 2.0 is coming!

When AdminConcentrate was first developed, there was no such thing as CMS and the Web was scrictly 1.0. While still far ahead of anything else out there, times have moved on and technology now allows greater power and flexibility.

AdminConcentrate 2.0 is a complete re-development, using AJAX and XSL to speed up transactions and minimize slow network traffic.

Development of the 1.x versions is now frozen and all customers will be notified when V2.0 is available.

automatic admin tool

The automated web-based database admin tool provides immediate and full system-wide access.
Ideal for e-commerce or any system requiring frequent online database maintenance.
  • Administrators:
    • Retrofits! Works with your existing database.
    • Easy to use! Nothing is more than a mouse click away.
    • Concise! Related tables together on a single screen.
    • Powerful! Update single, multiple and sequences of records.
    • Fast! Any number of records can be edited simultaniously.
    • Flexible! Update or adjust any value, anywhere by anything.
    • Searchable! Create simple or complex searches on your data.
  • Developers:
    • Easy! All of the above from just the SQL definition.
    • Fast! A custom-quality backend in minutes.
    • Flexible! Formatting, skins and overrides are always available.
    • Open source. Fully custom screens can be easily integrated.
  • System requirements:
    • PHP version 4.4 or above
    • Either MySql version 4.1 or above*
    • or PostGreSQL 8.0 (earlier versions untested)*
    • or MSSQL Server 2000*
    • Other database versions tbd on request.
    *Can support 1 or more different database systems at the same time.
  • So just what is admin Concentrate?
    Contact The webmaster to see about taking a test drive.
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